Window Covers


Our Window Covers protect the interior of your RV from the sun's damaging UV rays and block the heat allowing your air conditioner to run more efficiently. A combination of front and side Window Covers provides nearly 100% privacy during the daytime while allowing you to see out. Enjoy the view without being the view!

Wheel Covers

20170322_104151 (2)

For easy attachment we offer "Snap-On" Tire Covers made from the same hi-tech material as our Window Covers. No more getting on your knees to put covers on!

Wiper Blade Covers

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Protect your wiper blades with matching Wiper Blade Covers made out of the same high-quality material as our Window Covers.

Awning Drops


Our Awning Drops are made of the same high-quality material as our Window Covers and are custom made to fit the entire length of your awning. The Awning Drop attaches across the outer edge of your awning and then attaches to the ground using bungee cords, providing you with shade and protection from the sun's UV rays. A heavy-duty zipper is sewn in 6 inches down for easy attaching / detaching of drop. Our drops are a 6-foot drop, the length of your awning. We provide the bungee cords and plastic hooks, you just need to supply whatever you want to use to anchor it to the ground.

(**NOTE** Awning drops cannot be used for awnings that do not have support arms attached to the side of the RV -  ie: Girard -  as they cannot support the weight.)

Skylight Covers

Our Skylight Covers are made of the same high-quality material as our Window Covers and cover the interior of your skylight, reducing the sun's glare.